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Summer Shenanigans Week 3

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In case you’ve been dying to know what we were up to last week, I won’t disappoint. If you don’t care (can’t blame ya) or if you follow me on my social media accounts and have already seen the pictures, you will not be interested and can go ahead and click out 😉 .

Make-It Monday:

Since it was the week leading up to the Fourth of July, I tried to theme our weekly activities to be somewhat patriotic. I followed this recipe for Fourth of July slime, but this one looks cool as well!


This kept Elliot occupied for quite a while and was super easy to make. Double win!

Trip Tuesday:

We actually took this trip on Monday and did the slime on Tuesday, so shhhh don’t tell. Justin’s mom, Elliot and I met up with Justin’s aunts and cousins to go on a girls trip to the Detroit Zoo. It was a great day, but man was I sore that night from all the walking. Gosh, I’m pathetic!



Elliot’s favorite part of the day was being chased around by the four girls. We have some good future babysitters on our hands!

Water Wednesday:

To change up our usual water table fun, I thought I would simply put some colored water (red and blue to stick with the patriotic theme!) in the squeezable condiment bottles and let Elliot have at it. Little did I know that I would have to drive all across town just to find the bottles I wanted (Gordon’s for the win). Elliot loved spraying the colored water into her water table, on ice, on the patio, and eventually on our feet!

I promise she liked it, despite her ticked off expression!

I promise she liked it, despite her ticked off expression!


Theme Thursday:

I kind of cheated because it was our theme all week, but I declared this day Fourth of July day. We hung up decorations and painted our toe nails red, white, and blue. I was a little nervous about how the nail painting would go, but Elliot sat still and loves looking at her pretty toes!


Food Friday:

Again with the theme, we decided to make an original and never done before (sarcasm) flag cake for our Fourth of July party on Saturday. We followed this recipe, and it got two thumbs up by the party-goers (although half of them may have been drunk 😉 ).


I hope everyone had a festive and fun-filled Fourth of July weekend! I know we sure did 🙂


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